it was all a fucking lie

every single “i love you”

all the nights we spent together.

it meant nothing to you.

and you said you were sorry.

but you’re not.

you left me when i was crying for help.

you took every last bit of hope i had and set it on fire.

so fuck you.

fuck you for making me believe

that there was something there,

when you know there wasn’t.

you make me sick.

but you taught me a valuable lesson,

cheaters will always be cheaters.



my clothes smell like you.

songs remind me of you.

when i can’t sleep at night

all i want

is to wrap my arms around you.

but you’re not here,

and you’re not there.

you’ve moved on

and you’re tired of hearing about it.

my name stings your tongue

and fills you with hatred.

you said you loved me,

but i’m beginning to see

that it was all a lie.

you never wanted me.

you wanted someone to fuck.

and i’m sorry for being brutal

but you fucked me up.

i gave you my whole heart

and in return,

i received nothing.

you never showed affection.

you never said i love you.

you never gave me the time of day

to prove that i was worth something.

and i want you to know

that now that you’re gone,

i will be too.

but much farther away.

ill be sitting among the nymphs,

watching you,

protecting you.

because even though

you wasted months of my life,

i loved you

and i would never

wish harm upon you.

i hope you’re happier now,

because i know

that soon enough,

i’ll be happier too.