people don’t realize

the severity of their words

until it’s too late.

they spit out hatred

and belittle others

all for the pleasure

of their own.

those words

e c h o

in people’s minds.

they tear them down,

and keep them up at night.

scars line their bodies,

and every single one

is from a different insult.

migraines and panic attacks

ensue regularly.

depression takes its toll.

it consumes all of you,

and you’re constantly running

from something

you can’t escape.

silent screams form

a barrier

around someone.

walls are put up

and isolation

is the only way

to feel whole.

nights get longer.

thoughts get louder.

until suddenly,

they break.

grasping for hope,

or anything that will

give them reason to stay.

but as everything billows up,

it gets harder

to handle.

and letting go

seems like the easiest option.

and now all that’s left

is the quiet creaking

of a rope tied to the ceiling fan,

and a body drained of color.

hearts break

and people grieve.

but they didn’t know

how badly that soul was aching.

or how much

it longed for a release.

no one realizes

that their words

can bring death.

or that they

can impact someone

so severely

until it’s too late.



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